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As you start adjusting operations, the option to go DIGITAL needs to be in your new game plan. As you implement government social distancing restrictions, not only should you be looking at mobile payment but contactless digital menus.

digitalmenu Become the nightclub or bar that is 100% contactless!


It's Time for Change

As we come to terms with our new reality, many of you are likely wondering how this will change they way you operate. Now is the time to look at and evaluate how business will be done in the very near future.
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We are one of the only companies that offers nightclubs & bars a single platform solutioin for guest wearable technology in concert with venue driven digital wallets.

Our technology let's your guests access fast frictionless experience throughout your venue; from entry, to payment, to coat check, through to locker storage.

Reduce your per-transaction time while increasing per-spend visit.

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By utilizing our wearable NFC and Digital Wallet technology your next event will be one your guests won’t soon forget.

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Need to track and monitor guest at your conference or workshop, our system work in concert with your registrations provider for seamless integration.

Guest are assigned a wristband with their standard conference badges, as guest attend and move throughout your event they are scanned and tracked.

Our conference tracker gives you a detailed overview of guest attendance and general movement.

Need to validate attendees attended at seminars, we have you covered.

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Who we are...

Our goal is to elevate the guest experience, increase the average customer spend and provide you with increased access and insight to your guests & attendees. Our modular approach allows you to choose from any or all of our packages; access management, digital wallet - cashless payment, coat check and safe storage lockers.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on your guests & attendees.

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