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Solving the fragmented and inefficient nightlife journey through a single platform focusing on seamless frictionless experience.

Digital Wallet

For Nightclubs & Bars

Give your guests the freedom and security of leaving their credit card in their wallet yet still have instant access to it.

Payment Terminals & Cash

The Problem

Cash and payment terminals don’t give you insight into your customer.

The Solution

With our Digital Wallet, gain key per-customer metrics you never had access to before :
- Frequency
- Average time spent
- Average per-spend visit
- Demographics
- Local vs Visitors

Direct To Customer

Instant Notification
- Events
- Specials
- Send Digital Reward Tokens
- Forgotten checked in items
- Notify guests of improtant changes in your business
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Loyalty Program

The Problem

The lack of recognizing and rewarding venue's loyal customers efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

Single integrated platform guest loyalty program that doesn’t require physical membership cards.
Seamless, token reward collecting and redemption.

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