Digital Menu

As you start adjusting operations, the option to go DIGITAL needs to be in your new game plan. As you implement government social distancing restrictions, not only should you be looking at mobile payment but contactless digital menus.

Benefits in Transitioning to Digital Menu

1. Remove shared items
As recommended by the CDC any shared items that can be removed should be. This also eliminates any time spent sanitizing traditional menus.
2. Enhance Customer Experience
Keep menu items up to date, feature a new special daily within minutes. Display your marketing message to your guests.

“ Your health and safety are paramount to us and that’s why we have moved to a Digital Menu”
3. Reduce Staff Engagement
Less guest interaction, the safer everyone is at this time! Switching to a digital menu shows your customer and staff that their health and safety is your priority. This is a difficult transition for an industry that prides itself on personal guest experience.
NLife Digital Menu utilizes NFC technology, guests simply tap their phone to one of our NFC chips and either the NLife Menu will automatically come up or if they don’t have the app installed it will open a web page with your digital menu.

The benefit to using NFC over QR Codes:
No need for guest to have to spend time opening the camera, trying to focus the image, and having to turn on the light cause the camera can’t see the QR Code.
QR Codes wear off and if there is anything on them, they won’t work anymore.
Tapping is 10 times faster and easier for your guests.

Digital Wallet

"In emerging economies, digital wallets are replacing cash at light speed. That’s because a large part of the unbanked population in emerging economies is transitioning straight from cash to smartphone payments, thereby skipping plastic cards completely."


NLife Mobile App

Guest's Digital Wallet

Let us create and manage your venue Digital Wallet and "currency".
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Mobile App Presence
- Instant Mobile app presence
- Direct to consumer market
- Single access point to social all avenues
- Digital Tokens
- Direct link to your events
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